About Laurica Farm

Learn more about our little piece of paradise and the motivations that drive our vision

Farmers, Foragers, Feasters -- Freakin' Fantastic

During our short time in farming, we have learned about many challenges that face small farmers and consumers. As a result, education and advocacy is paramount to us. Whether you join us for a tour, a workshop or a chef-prepared long table dinner on the farm, you will begin to understand the importance of local, natural and ethical food and lifestyle choices.

Meet The Laurica Farm Team

Your passionate farmers are here to answer your questions & enhance your farm experience.

Cathy Finley (left)

Cathy Finley (left)

Founder, Events Manager & Princess of Pork

Organizer of events, procurer of laughter and good times, Oh, and not to forget, without doubt the finest on-farm cook in British Columbia. Pictured here with Stevie Nicks (no really, that’s the pig).

Ian Finley

Ian Finley

Founder, Farmer & Grill Master

The quiet, brooding one. Rare sightings in his natural habitat have been recorded in the veggie fields weeding alone while avoiding people and secretly snuggling animals when he thinks no one is watching.